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Logo design for Village Pantry Cafe

Local Nuneaton cafe gets new branding, website & logo designed.

Back in 2017 a client of ours became the owner of a local cafe in Attleborough Green, Nuneaton. The well-known, cute little café, The Village Pantry is based right in the heart of Nuneaton. With a few local café's nearby,...
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Infographic: Why site speed is so important

Faster! Site speed is increasing getting more and more important with search engines ranking sites higher for speed. it's important you get your site load times fast.  
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Local Web & Graphic Design for a Healhcare Competency Training Company

PRN-Plus Competency is a UK based company that provides competency training within the healthcare industry, they train nurses with the most up-to-date courses and information. They reached out to us to undertake a few jobs to rebrand PRN-Plus Competency. Unquie...
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Logo design for small companies

Logo Design for Small Companies

Every company needs a logo, it's your image, your brand and everything you stand for that why we design beautiful logo’s and branding to help even the smallest of companies shine like the big players. Over the years we have...
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Why Tradesmen should have a website

In the old days (a few years ago) everyone used the yellow pages to find a local builder or plumber, things have changed a lot since then. People hardly ever pick up the yellow pages i can't remember the last...
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Why business card design is important?

The importance of business card design Imagine you walk in to a shop and the shopkeeper is wearing joggers and a hoody, you'll instantly judge their company and presume it provides an unprofessional service. The way you present yourself defines...
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