Keep your site updated with our website maintenance service

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE SERVICEWe believe every website should be kept in tip-top condition and have the ability to grow when you need it most!

So we have put together a few plans to help with the upkeep of running a website.

We’ll do things like update all plugins and software to make sure your site is always operating at it’s best along. Weekly backups in case something goes wrong, you’ll also get a few hours of our time to use for web related tasks such as adding a new feature or page, updating content, setting up new emails and more importantly support when you need us the most.

Included in our website maintenance package
Coventry Backups Service

We will backup your site every week/month to make sure that if anything happens you’ll always have an up to date copy of your website.

Coventry Security Service

Making sure your site is always secure is crucial to your site, we will carry out security updates on your site every month to make sure it’s all up to date and secure as it can be.

Coventry Site updates Service
Site updates

You may want your site updating or maybe a new feature adding as your company grows, Your monthly fee includes a few hours in which you can have whatever you like added to your site, as long as it falls within the hours but if you do happen to roll over we will add the extra hours just for that month.

Coventry WordPress and Plugin updates Service
WordPress and Plugin updates

Every month we will make sure all the software and plugins running your site are up to date so it performs at it’s best.

Coventry Performance audits Service
Performance audits

Your site can get slowed down by big images, server requests and missing links, it’s key that your site performs at it’s best all the time, after all, it is your 24/7 sales team, so every month we will go in compress images and files and make sure everything is running smooth and up to date. we will check the page speed and improve if needed. meaning your site never skips a beat.

Coventry Support Service

We also include support as standard meaning we are here whenever you have a problem with your website or simply just want to know how to do anything, this comes as standard with every new site anyway, but it’s good to know we are here if you need us!

Coventry Development Time Service
Development Time

You also get a few hours of our time each month for things like content updates, new features, new pages pretty much anything todo with your website.

So keep your website update and in full working order with our website maintenance service, Never let your site skip a beat again.

To find out more ring us on 024 7745 6698


£49.99 /pm
  • 2 Hour of Changes
  • Updates
  • Code Updates
  • Image Compression
  • Support
  • Wordpress Upkeep Plan
  • Daily Backups (wordpress)


£99.99 /pm
  • 5 Hours of changes
  • Security Updates
  • Code Updates
  • Image Compression
  • Support
  • Wordpress Upkeep Plan
  • Daily Backups


£199.99 /pm
  • 10 Hours of Changes
  • Security Updates
  • Code Updates
  • Image Compression
  • Support
  • Wordpress Upkeep Plan
  • VPS Hosting
  • Daily Backups
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