Paula Hall
Paula Hall

About the company

Paula Hall & Associates is a Sex addiction specialist based in the UK, providing treatment and training courses nationwide. Paula is the UK’s leading expert in the field of sex and porn addiction.

With over 15 years experience and multiple books to her name and speaking all around the UK its no wonder Paula hall is the leading sex and porn addiction expert.

How we helped?

Given the company’s background, we wanted to create a simple and responsive site packed full of information to give their users the details they need.

We built in many features to help Paula inform her clients, we added questionnaires so people can find out if they are an addict and how to get help. We also built in Twitter feeds, blog posts and key service pages providing Paula with a platform in which she could publish many media formats. Add a fast, responsive site built for  along with image compression, GZIP and a host of other features and Paula ended up with an easy to update website she can be proud off and would last her for many years to come.

We have also done other work for Paulahall including turning their CORE Forms to digital which works out scores to help them, newsletters, new pages and a host of other web related work.


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