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    We'll take care of the, Upkeep

    Having a wordpress site requires some upkeep that most people overlook this could leave the site unstable, unsupported and unsafe. This isn’t good, luckily we have put together a low cost, monthly subscription to take the burden away from keeping on top of your site. We’ll keep a close eye on your site and do day to day tasks like updating plugins, themes and wordpress along with making sure all spam comments are cleared and database clean ups are done. We also monitor the uptime of the site so you’ll know if you site goes down and just to be extra safe we check the site for malware & virus and keep daily backups of the site just incase anything happens.You’ll be fully prepared if anything does happen to your site.

    We pack our websites with great features, great tech and best of all the latest design trends. We have listed some of the key features we know you’ll love.

    Key Features, You’ll Love

    We’ll monitor and back up your site for a low monthly cost, Below is a breakdown of whats in include in our WordPress UpKeep package. 

    Daily Backups

    Every day we’ll backup your site and database so if anything goes wrong or an edit breaks the site, we have a previous copy ready to go.

    Uptime Monitor

    We’ll monitor the uptime of your website, if it every goes down we’ll notify you.

    Plugin Updates

    Updating plugins can be risky, let us maintain this for you by routinely updating plugins. Out of date plugins can also lead to unstable sites, unsecure and venerable to attackers, We’ll make sure it’s always uptodate and working.

    Core Updates

    We’ll also make sure your WordPress site is running on the most recent version with the latest security patches.

    Client Reports

    Each month we’ll compile a report of your website with handy things like uptime stats, when backups happened, what plugins were updated and what version along with performance and clean up information.

    Only £19.99 a Month

    For one low fee off £19.99 a month*, we’ll make sure your site remains update, backed up and secure, For more information contact us today.

    *£19.99 will be taken monthly via direct debit … Extra work, bug fixes and changes are not included in this package. 


    £19.99 /pm
    • Daily Backups
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Virus / Malware Check
    • Plugin Updates
    • Core Wordpress Updates
    • Monthly Speed Check
    • Spam / Comment Clean up
    • Database Clean up