From vector to plush toy, the creation of Ollie the Owl.

From vector to plush toy, how we made Ollie the Owl.

Early this year we designed a cute owl vector on illustrator for fun. This has since become our mascot, so we decided it would be fun to get him turned in to plush toy.

We set about finding someone who could create this and make our simple vector illustration come to life. After searching, we found a small company in Nuneaton called Cotton Cat Uk that makes bespoke items out of fabric.

We sent our design over to see if it could be possible to turn the artwork in to a plush toy. We knew exactly how we wanted it to look and work; he had to stand around 12 inches high and his hood must be able to come down to show the little boy inside. He also needed to stand up on his own and feel soft to touch.

They got back to us and said everything we requested was doable, they also had a few ideas we didn’t think of. They got to work straight away on creating our very own plush toy. Below are a few images of him being made.

This is our original design we sent over.

Owl Plush Toy

They got to work cutting and putting together the pieces that formed Ollie; his feet and hood was made first.

Owl plush toy feet

Owl flush toy face

Owl plush toy laid out

After many hours of cutting, sewing and putting him all together we received images of Ollie all finished you can see how well Ollie turned out in the below images.

Owl plush toy final front

Owl plush toy front hood down

Owl plush toy front hood up

Owl plush toy back hood up

Owl plush toy 3 quarter hood down

Owl plush toy hood up side view

We were really happy about how well the work had been carried out! It was to a high standard, everything was just like the design we sent over and little details like the way his hood came down were just amazing.

If you have an idea or want something custom made please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cotton Cat Uk. We highly recommend them and will be using them again in the future if we ever need another one of our designs bringing to life!



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