Every now and then websites need to be refreshed and updated with today’s technology. You probably already know this since you are here! However simply having your site overhauled won’t boost sales but it will provide a better service and overall experience for your customers. So how do we tell if your site needs an overhaul? We have put together a little checklist if your site has most of these chances are you’ll need a redesign.

Mobile Responsive.

The big one! Everyone mentions it and there is a good reason a large percentage of users now access websites using a mobile device, it’s quick and easy. Your website needs to have either a responsive theme or a mobile version of your existing website. This will enable users to get information quickly and easily in a readable format just for mobile. Being mobile friendly also holds some weight on google so it’s an advantage over your competitors.

Hard to find contact details.

Is it hard to find your contact details? Users love that personal approach and having your phone number or a contact button near the footer or header of a website gives the user a sense that they can just pick up the phone call you instantly. For mobile, making these numbers clickable is a bonus!

Outdated Design.

Do you think WOW when you open your site? The design isn’t everything with websites but if your site looks a bit plain and uninteresting and has no eye-catching images or design elements, users may think you’ve just thrown it up to make some quick cash. Poorly designed websites give a lack of trust. Make sure all text is easy to read and spaced out with big powerful images. Your site should be sleek and easy to use. Try to stay away from big blocks of colour that draw the eye away from whats important to your users.

Content is not engaging.

No one likes to read huge pages of content. Make sure you break this up with images, videos, and links to other useful information make your content engaging and easy to read. Users are there to get the information they require make it easy for them to get this.

Messy navigation

Your navigations should be clean and users should be able to get to where they need to be in 2 clicks. If you have an over cultured navigation its probably time to change it. You can try this yourself, pick a page and see how long it takes to get to it. If you feel like its a hassle it needs changing.

Poor code and not Optimised.

It may be a little difficult to spot this on your own so asking your hosting provider or someone in the know is a great way to find out. The tidy clean code makes your site easier to make changes, improves speed and Google loves a well-written website. All Javascript and CSS should be in one file (unless using libraries) and compressed to give the best overall performance. Don’t place CSS and Javascript in HTML, make sure that all scripts and styles are within an external file.

Lack of interesting Videos

Videos within websites are getting more and more common whether this is a background video within a slider, tutorials on how to use your products or a brief presentation about your company. It’s important to keep the user engaged and keep them on your site. Having even a 2-3 minute video within the content that’s relevant will add more value to the point you are trying to get across.

Your site runs slow

Slow load times lead to users leaving, Your site should be optimized for speed and be lightweight when served to mobile users. Ideally, you load time for each page should be under 2 seconds.

While some of these changes won’t boost sales or ranking straight away its good to look after your website so your users get a better experience, stay long and keep your bounce rate down. Don’t neglect your website put the time in to make it the best it can be.

If you need any help or are unsure whether a redesign would be best for you, drop us a call or email and we can audit your site for you and give you a few tips to help you along.

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I've known Daniel for around 20 years and during that time it has been a joy watching his talent grow into his profession. I recently commissioned Daniel to design a logo for my company and was pleased with the design and quality of the logo and constant updates and requests for feedback throughout his creative process. I will definitely look to Daniel for my future design requirements.
Ryan Ward-McConville
Ryan Ward-McConville
11:44 12 Jun 18
AMAZING! Dan is so talented and very patient, He really went above and beyond for me and I'm so incredibly happy with my website. I've already recommended him to another photographer friend of mine!
Helen Norman
Helen Norman
12:52 16 Jun 18
I commissioned Daniel to design my business logo and truly have to say it was a great experience! Daniel was really attentive and came up with numerous designs and amendments until I was happy and I love my logo! I had previously paid for the services of a different web designer in Coventry and was so disappointed with the service, attitude and designs that I walked away! Following my logo I chose Creative Script to design my website. Yet again, Daniel did not disappoint me. We were in regular contact throughout the construction of Valmya and I was able to express my own ideas and any adaptations I wanted to my site. I now have a sophisticated, easy to use branded website. I feel confident in knowing that if I need follow on assistance regardless of my website being complete, I can still email Creative Script and I will get a response quickly! Thank you Daniel!
Valmya Therapeutic Beauty
Valmya Therapeutic Beauty
18:07 18 Feb 18
Dan and the team at Creative Script have helped deliver a great value, high quality website for me at a great price. In addition they helped us with our logo and business card design requirements. I would recommend them to anyone.
Robert Stoubos
Robert Stoubos
18:43 16 Feb 18
Very happy with the services, he is very knowledgeable at what he does , I certainly will have another website off Daniel at some stage, highly recommend you get a website built by this company, thank you again
James Mckay
James Mckay
15:48 26 Feb 18
Great service, easy to communicate with and really takes your ideas on board. Would recommend to anyone.
Brad Morgan
Brad Morgan
11:40 09 Mar 18
Very good company. The team at Creative Script are very talented. They built more than one website for me from absolute scratch. Their prices are on point as well ... great value.
DJ Proclaima
DJ Proclaima
10:21 10 Oct 17