Local Web & Graphic Design for a Healhcare Competency Training Company

PRN-Plus Competency is a UK based company that provides competency training within the healthcare industry, they train nurses with the most up-to-date courses and information. They reached out to us to undertake a few jobs to rebrand PRN-Plus Competency.

Unquie Logo Design.

First things first, get the logo right! After numerous logo designs some great some not so great, we had enough to put together a clean, medical inspired logo. This incorporated the “cross” icon with block lettering. Contrasting red and blue colors, mixed with a light grey helped set the logo off and stand out. When the final logo and color scheme was decided, it helped to set the tone for the rest of the branding.

A Bespoke Website Was Born.

PRN-Plus desperately needed their site overhauled and they wanted something easy to navigate, full of information and also a booking system, to allow nurses to book courses online. After looking at their current site we agreed it needed to be brought up to date.

We set about planning content and where everything would sit; user flow was important and the site had to make sense. We based the whole site on their competency course. We created a site that felt both medical and unique. With dedicated pages for training, a calendar to allow users to see when the courses were running, stunning images, request a callback form and a booking system which allows users to book and pay for the course online. All of this is held together by our CMS platform of choice.

Stunning Double Sided Business Card Designs.

Logo? check! Website? check! Time to tackle business cards.

Business cards are your first lasting impression when introducing yourself to a potential client so it’s key to make sure they stand out and scream READ ME! We took inspiration from the logo and site to make sure the branding and style flowed. We like the way the crosses repeated on the sections within the site and took this as one of the key branding elements. The logo sits nice and big on the front of the card and once turned over you are greeted with this blue strip that holds the logo. Again we incorporated the crosses, we made sure the contact details are visible and strong, with easy to read text. All of this makes up a great business card they can be proud to pull out and show potential clients. It also installs a sense of trust when the user approaches the new website.

An 8-page Brochure To Showcase The Courses.

PRN-Plus sends out brochures to new and existing clients. It was key all their information from the site was also in an easy to read brochure. We created an 8-page brochure with front & back covers that incorporates all the detail from their newly built site. We included the about us section, who is it for, competency stations and training courses available to book. We followed through with the branding from the business cards, logo design and of course the website. We used the same colors and the same cross pattern that is present in the other design pieces. Evenly spaced text and images were used to create a nice brochure with the look and feel of the brand.

Emails, Hosting & Support.

We also handle the email, hosting and offer support to Helen and the team at PRN-Plus. We helped migrate and set up brand new email addresses this including setting them up in outlook for ease. The site is also hosted on our exceptional cloud hosting platform that boasts pure speed and reliability.

They are now fully up and running and ready to tackle anything. You can view the website online at https://www.prnplus-competency.co.uk/ We offer a range of services to help you get up and running and stand out within your industry. Simply contact us to find out how we can transform the look and feel of your business both online and offline.

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