Logo Design for Small Companies

Logo design for small companies

Every company needs a logo, it’s your image, your brand and everything you stand for that why we design beautiful logo’s and branding to help even the smallest of companies shine like the big players.

Over the years we have created some awesome logos for local cafes, companies and even one man bands. We are going to give you a little insight into how we go about designing the perfect logo.

Stage One: Ideas

Everything starts with an idea or a brief we look at your company and what image you want to give off start with a few colors and a name and we get to work brainstorming all the different ideas we have even the crazy ones get wrote down because no idea is a bad idea.

Stage Two: Prototype

We select 3-4 of these logos we love the idea off, Fire up illustrator and do rough outlines of them to see if they work or not, this stage is pretty rough it’s just to get an idea to see which work when turned into a digital masterpiece. Only one logo makes the cut to have its final tweaks done.

Stage Three: Tweaks

After we have decided on a final idea the finishing touches can be applied we add color, clean up outlines and put our special touch on the whole project. This is a stage where you see your new logo come to life. if needs be we can mock this up on a few images, card designs and letterheads to truly see how the logo will reflect your companies image.

Stage Four: Final Logo Design

Now the design is wrapped up, all tweaks ironed out and the colours are perfect we can begin to resize the logo so you have High res images big enough for the side of lorries! We also hand over different variations these come in black, white and full colour so your logo can be used on anything you desire.

And that’s how we go about designing the perfect logo for your company, we spend many hours perfecting your logo so you can be proud and show it off to the world.

check out some of the beautiful logos we have come up with for our clients – Graphic Design Portfolio

Got a new project you’d like to work with us on? We love to take on new and exciting design projects, simply head over to our contact page and fire us a message, we are happy to help in any way possible.

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