In the old days (a few years ago) everyone used the yellow pages to find a local builder or plumber, things have changed a lot since then. People hardly ever pick up the yellow pages i can’t remember the last time one got put through my door.

We tend to head over to google and type in something like “Local plumber”, why? Because google shows results based on your location meaning it’s easier to find someone trusted and local there are a few reasons why you should have a website…

An easy way to hand out your details.

Like a business card, handing over your website to potential clients provides them with all your key information, prices and a little about you. Websites can show more details than a standard business card and give your customers more insight into how you work and what you’re about.

Your Portfolio.

Customers like to see your past work and how well you finish jobs this gains trust and allows your potential customers see what work you have completed and to what standard it also gives them an understanding of what you’re capable off. After all, no one likes hiring someone if they have never seen any of your work.

Be seen locally.

As mentioned before Google ranks local customers first having a website enables you to make the most of Google and appear in the maps and be seen to local customers. if you’re in the area and your contact details are easily found you’re more likely to pick up the job over someone who is just in the yellow pages.

Future proof your self.

Off line directories and newspaper ads won’t be around for ever the web is moving fast and every day more and more people are using search engines to find local companies to use, Don’t get left behind and miss out on potential work. younger generations jump straight to search engines to find what they want.

Reach a wider audience.

Your website has the potential to reach far beyond just local results with the right content and marketing you could be reaching people out side of your surrounding areas. Allowing you to expand your business and get more work coming in.

So why would you not have a website? in this day n age, it does make sense to exclude the web since everything is moving online and generations to come will purely be using the web it makes sense to get on it sooner rather than later.

We have built quite a few sites for tradesmen that have seen great results if you are interested but don’t know where to start head over to our web design page to learn more or you can get in contact with us and we can over a few options with you.

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