How to make your site look more trustworthy online

How to look trustworthy online.

Giving the impression of trust online can be the difference between securing a sale/client or losing it. Let’s be honest if something looks a bit dodgy or cheap we simply don’t buy it. The same goes for websites if your site looks old and looks like it’s never been updated it gives the customer the impression you don’t care. This can damage sales. There are a few things you can do to make you gain trust online.

SSL Certificates.

Have you ever noticed the little green padlock in your browser next to the site address? yeah? This tells the user they are on a secure site with 256-bit encryption meaning their details are secure. Your hosting company can set this up for you some companies charge a free and some use Let’s encrypt that produces a free one. It’s worth spending the money to get one as it instills trust into your user.

All of our hosting packages come with a FREE SSL Certificate as standard

Fix them spelling mistakes!

Make sure every paragraph, line, and word is spelled correctly. bad spelling and poorly written content tell the user you can’t be bothered or the site was just chucked up it’s important to look professional and well established.

Images, get them right!

images are an important part of your website especially if you sell products. Take nicely framed and well-lit images, try to avoid stock images. Again it looks like you don’t put the time and effort in and if you can’t be bothered why should your customers be bothered? Do not use them stick men images or word art images from stock sites, They just look tacky! We also hate them cheesy ones with people in suits smiling for no reason, if you don’t have the time get a professional!

Contact details.

It’s important to display your phone number and address, show a map of where you are and make it easy for people to contact you. This gives off the message that you are a real company, any company that hides this info or has no way to get in touch makes the user feel on edge. What if things go wrong? or I have a question? people like to know if something happens or they have a question, someone is there to listen.


Reviews are the first things people check when buying a product even if they are bad it gives the customer more of an insight. On the other hand, if every review is 5 stars its looks a bit too good to be true. Not everyone will like your product and some times we make mistakes it’s good to show this off, after all, we are all human and not perfect. Be honest!

if your site isn’t e-commerce you can add a testimonial section and allow users to leave comments that way or you can collect them and display on your site.

Nail your branding

Look good online, spend time getting the right design the right images and make it all work. if your site looks like rubbish no one will buy from you. it’s like seeing a run down store, you wouldn’t go in? The nice fancy all singing and dancing store on the high street make the most money and get the most customers. the same applies online. Look great get the customers!

Ensure all these points are met and you’ll look more trusted online, if you need any help with any of these points we are here to help, just drop us an email and we will help you out.

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