Nowadays it is essential to have your products online, but you already know this! So, heres a few tips. So you have your e-commerce site and need some ideas on how to improve it below are our top essential tips to get your site working for you.

A Great navigation.

Customers don’t want to spend hours on your website finding what they are looking for, a simple navigation is key. Break your categories down in to sections for example, if you sell home furniture have sections like “Bathroom”, “Bedroom” etc and group “Child” categories inside them. This makes finding certain things that little bit easier. Try to avoid displaying all categories at top level group them under certain areas.

A good navigation is key to any site not just e-commerce it helps your users easily find what they are looking for.

SSL Licence.

You know the little green padlock you see on websites next to the site address? Thats an SSL Licence. These encrypt your users data and makes your site that extra bit secure. These are required if handling sensitive data like credit cards and personal information. It also show your users you are a trusted site and their information will be kept safe, our hosting comes standard with one, bonus!

One page checkouts.

Getting your customers through the checkout and payment pages quickly is essential. Too many fields or pages to fill out could leave you with a lot of abandoned carts. When something takes too long to do, users get bored and simply leave your site. Luckily many of the top e-commerce platforms have one page check out plugins which slims down the checkout process and puts everything on one page; meaning your users pay quicker.

Newsletter sign up

Great! So you’re getting sales. Wouldn’t it be nice to email these customers monthly with new products and keep them up to date? Newsletters are a good way of doing this. Add a newsletter sign up to your website, account pages and checkout. This way you’ll collect over time a database of emails that you can use to send out offers and new and exciting products. To get people to sign up, offer an incentive for example 10% of your next order or free postage, this will draw people in to get them to sign up. 

Mobile responsive.

Being able to view your site on a mobile is now a key requirement since mobile is now overtaking desktops and most users will grab their phone and shop on the move. Think about it, the first thing people grab in the morning is their phones. Mobile has changed the game in the way we now shop and browse, even in store customers are likely to check out other sites to find it cheaper before committing to a sale.

If your site is not mobile responsive don’t worry! A few major CMS platforms now have plugins which add a mobile theme. We personally don’t advise this, we advise responsive which means the same design adapts to the screen size. To find out more, CreativeScript have more information on responsive web design.

So there is our top 5 tips on how to improve your e-commerce site. If you need any help or are unsure on how to go about any of this, give us a call or drop us and email and we can guide you and help you on your way.

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