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Choosing the Right Domain for Your UK Business: .com or .co.uk?

When it comes to establishing an online presence, one of the most common questions we get asked by local Midlands businesses is, "Should we choose a .com or a .co.uk domain?" The answer, like many things in business, isn't straightforward...
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How to set up IMAP email on iPhone Mail App

So you've brought your domain name, hooked up hosting and created a brand new email address. You’ve been using the online email portal for a while but you hate the fact you can’t just answer emails on the go and...
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5 Ways to improve your E-Commerce Site.

Nowadays it is essential to have your products online, but you already know this! But don't forget, just because you are selling things online doesn't mean that you will have to work any less hard then you normally would. You...
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Warning against phishing scam targeting domain owners

IMPORTANT NOTICE To all my clients and everyone else who owns a website. Please be aware that you may be targeted by some malicious emails purporting to be sent from your domain registrar. These emails are part of a large...
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Why business card design is important?

The importance of business card design Imagine you walk in to a shop and the shopkeeper is wearing joggers and a hoody, you'll instantly judge their company and presume it provides an unprofessional service. The way you present yourself defines...
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From vector to plush toy, the creation of Ollie the Owl.

From vector to plush toy, how we made Ollie the Owl. Early this year we designed a cute owl vector on illustrator for fun. This has since become our mascot, so we decided it would be fun to get him...
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