Local Nuneaton cafe gets new branding, website & logo designed.

Logo design for Village Pantry Cafe

Back in 2017 a client of ours became the owner of a local cafe in Attleborough Green, Nuneaton. The well-known, cute little café, The Village Pantry is based right in the heart of Nuneaton. With a few local café’s nearby, they needed to re-brand and stand apart from local competition. They already had the amazing food, all they needed was the modern and stylish branding to match.

We were delighted when we were chosen to help them create the look the wanted.

We have helped transform take away menu’s, eat in menu’s, website and even decals / signs for the inside and outside of the shop.

They had a vision of a cosy little café, with a warm and welcoming feeling. Their main choice of colours were the combination of grey and orange. So, we got to work…

The Logo.

Logo design for Village Pantry CafeWe took the colours they had in mind and came up with a clean circle logo that could easily work on stickers, coffee cups and even walls. We thought it was key to have the location of the shop built right in to the logo, with nice lines, bright colours and all the information laid out perfectly. This logo will now build the foundation of their branding.

The Main Menu

What’s a cafe without a menu? We got to work on designing a Z-Fold Leaflet menu they could use to reach out to nearby houses, businesses and also keep in store. They have a lot of options on their menu, so we opted for a no clutter design allowing users to easily read the menu. Matching colours and branding styles from the logo a brand new, good looking menu was born.

Wall Decals

The logo was produced in a range of formats from full colour, black and white to a faded style of the logo. With these being such high resolution, it was easy to scale the logo for a smooth looking wall decal.

Shop Front

Everything is looking good inside, now it’s time to tackle the outside. We re-positioned the logo and slogan in a much longer format that stood out and was easy to notice, tempting passer’s by to see what the café had to offer. We think the sign turned out great and matched with the grey colour scheme chosen by the owners. Our brand-new shop sign design stands out really well!

The Website.

Your business isn’t complete until you are online. Since the cafe is local based we put real effort in to the look and feel of the site. With it’s simple one-page scrolling website we separated information in to bite sized sections, everything from who they are, menu to the location of the cafe. We finished this off with a few key design touches such as a full-sized menu with PDF download, scrolling backgrounds, a map and a picture of the shop front.

And thats it, how we worked with The Village Pantry in Nuneaton and its new owners to aid the transformation of the shops branding and give it a new lease of life!

You can find out more about our Nuneaton Graphic design services and Web design services at www.creativescript.co.uk or if you’re in Nuneaton and fancy one of the best bacon batches in town, feel free to drop in and say “Hi” (Say we sent you 🙂 ).

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